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Corneal Innovation Laboratory

Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute

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Getting in touch with the Corneal Innovation Lab at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute is your gateway to accessing world-class expertise and groundbreaking advancements in corneal care. As a leading institution renowned for its exceptional eye care, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute houses the Corneal Innovation Lab, dedicated to pioneering transformative strategies in corneal protection, regeneration, and vision restoration. Whether you are a patient seeking innovative treatment options or a collaborator interested in joining forces with our interdisciplinary team, reaching out to the Corneal Innovation Lab opens doors to cutting-edge research, advanced techniques, and collaborative opportunities that can shape the future of corneal care.

McKnight Vision Research Building
Primary Investigator / Contact Person Alfonso L. Sabater, M.D., Ph.D.

Mailing Address:
McKnight Vision Research Center
Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute
1501 NW 10th Ave
Room #804
Miami, FL 33136

Phone Number Office: 305-326-6326