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Working collaboratively with Miami Dade County Mayor’s Office, SPARK-C is the University of Miami initiative to trace confirmed, presumptive, and exposed individuals to COVID-19 in Miami-Dade county. This project is led by Dr. Erin Kobetz and a multidisciplinary team of public health practitioners, researchers, and students. This project seeks to determine the seroprevalence of infection in a random sample of community members in Miami Dade County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Qualifies for SPARK-C Testing

Who qualifies for testing? Page 1

Zinzi please add the correct language….

I’m a healthcare worker, can I still get tested? Page 1

Yes, this is a random sampling, so you can still come for screening if you are selected.

Can someone other than the person randomly selected be tested? Page 1

We are sorry but this opportunity was only for you those randomly selected to participate.

My friend/husband/family member/coworker has symptoms and wants to get tested -- can we call you? Can they come for testing? Page 1

We are sorry, but unfortunately, we can only offer tests to those we call directly. This is part of a random sample screening. Your friend/person should call his/her doctor if he/she is concerned about symptoms. There are also other testing sites that you may qualify for, please see the link below:

What if I think I had COVID-19 a few weeks ago? Page 1

Yes, you can still participate if selected.

Testing Site and General Questions

Do you need a government issued photo ID? Page 1

No, bring any form of photo ID/ way to verify identity.

Will someone remind me about my appointment? Page 1

You will receive an email reminder.

Who will my information be shared with if I participate? Page 1

Data is confidential and not shared with anyone. If test results come back positive, information will go to the DOH

How many testing locations are there? Page 1

oThere are 10 sites throughout Miami Dade County where testing will take place.

What PPE will testers wear/ Are they tested for COVID-19? Page 1

  • Gowns, masks, gloves, and goggles
  • Testers are tested for COVID-19 before each shift

How long is the wait on site? Page 1

Test is only 10 minutes long, wait is up to 30 minutes max. Do not come early as will increase wait, please arrive at your scheduled time.

Do I need to come to the testing site by car? Page 1

No, you do not need to arrive at the testing site by car, but it is preferred.

Will I have to leave my car to get tested? Page 1

Each location is different. It is a drive-up for most of the locations. You will see a group of healthcare staff and first responders when you arrive. Most likely you will be waiting in your car until the field staff are ready to test you, and then you will step out of your car for testing.

Questions About Test

What type of test is this? Page 1

Antibody based pinprick test (tells of past and current exposure)

Is the test FDA approved? Page 1

The FDA has approved it for emergency use.

Is there a new testing device for each person or re-used Page 1

New device! No exposure. Tests are disposable and a new one is used for each individual


What happens if I test positive? Page 1

You will be given resources and recommendations by qualified professionals who will help guide you through next steps.