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Daisy Award Recipients

Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM)

In addition to demonstrating a value for individual lifelong learning, 2021 was a time for Bascom Palmer nurses to recognize and celebrate the exemplary professional practice of their peers. The DAISY Award, a widely respected national nursing initiative, recognizes the compassionate care of extraordinary nurses through meaningful recognition to recipients throughout the US. At UHealth/University of Miami Health System, three nurses were selected for this prestigious honor.

Gladys Sotomayor, RN, BSN, an Operating Room (OR) nurse, was the recipient of the DAISY award in the last quarter of 2019. Sotomayor, a content expert on anterior segment ophthalmology procedures, is recognized by colleagues as knowledgeable, a clinical expert, and committed to high quality patient care from pediatric to elder populations. With her desire to serve as a patient advocate, she consistently seeks out opportunities to learn. For example, during the early stages of the COVID pandemic, Sotomayor offered to lead COVID-19 screening staffing needs at the hospital’s entry. Sotomayor’s teamwork, commitment patients, families, community, and peers and consistently positive engagement in her professional role exemplify the characteristics of the DAISY award.

Cindy Valiente RN, BSN, AMB-BC was the DAISY Award honoree at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in early 2020. Valiente is a nurse recognized for demonstrating a commitment to her colleagues and patients with a professional, caring attitude. An example of her compassion is her commitment to assuring that patients have a seamless transition from hospital to home. Valiente has offered to support patients’ transportation needs and offered nutrition support purchasing food for patients and families in need. Another example is the strategic scheduling of staff that Valiente conducted during the pandemic to increase staff availability for the nursing labor pool, thereby providing twenty-four-hour coverage to the inpatient and the ambulatory units and staff for the hospital entry screening process. Reliable and steadfast in her efforts, she exemplifies the spirit of this award.

Nury Cabrera RN BSN, CRNO, Outpatient Retina nurse, was the recipient of the DAISY Award in March 2021. Cabrera was nominated by a grateful patient who recognized the patient’s needs, offering supportive care during a return visit, fully engaging in the depth and breadth of the patient’s comprehensive plan of care, and then following the patient’s plan of care throughout the entire inpatient hospitalization. Cabrera’s compassionate care, clinical judgement, and acts of kindness during a time permeated by COVID-19 and restricted visitation at Bascom Palmer comforted and reassured the patient who noted: “I felt I had my family with me.”