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Study of Choroid Plexus Cauderization in Patients With Hydrocephalus

Principal Investigator

Ronald Benveniste

Clinical Trial ID

Institutional Protocol # 20160650
National Clinical Trials Identifier NCT02900222

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Enrollment Eligibility

Inclusion Criteria:
- Adult patients (age 18 or older) with communicating hydrocephalus, who have risk
factors for complications following shunt surgery. Risk factors include loculated
hydrocephalus (i.e., imaging evidence that the ventricles of the brain do not
communicate with each other, in the setting of known communicating hydrocephalus);
prior episodes of ventriculitis and/or shunt infection; subdural hematoma associated
with shunt placement; inability to place a distal catheter in the peritoneal cavity
due to scarring or prior infection; and multiple prior episodes of shunt failure.
- In patients with communicating hydrocephalus who have significantly increased lateral
and third ventricular size and normal fourth ventricular size, an endoscopic third
ventriculostomy will be performed in conjunction with the choroid plexus
cauterization, provided that communicating hydrocephalus is thought to be present,
based on either the history (for example, past meningitis or other infectious or
inflammatory disease, or history of communicating hydrocephalus without disproportion
of the ventricles in the past; or imaging findings, such as patency of the foramina of
Magendie and Luschka).
Exclusion Criteria:
- Exclusion criteria include patients who have non-communicating hydrocephalus; patients
who are undergoing emergency surgery because of rapid decline in neurologic condition;
and patients with medical conditions such as coagulopathy or severe cardiac
conditions, that preclude neurosurgical intervention.
- In the case of adults unable to consent, informed consent will be obtained from
appointed health care proxies. Minors, pregnant women, and prisoners will be excluded
from the study.

Contact Information

Study Contact Ronald Benveniste, MD, PhD
Phone Number 305-575-7059
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