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A keloid is scar tissue that develops over a healed skin wound then expands beyond the injured area. These flesh-colored scars can be thick, lumpy, rounded, or raised, and they tend to continue growing for weeks or even years. While they can be itchy and tender, keloids are usually harmless.

Injuries and skin conditions that can trigger keloid scarring include acne scars, burns, scratches/cuts, chickenpox, surgical incisions, vaccination sites, and ear piercings. The most common locations are the head and neck. Keloids are most prevalent on darker skin in Black, Latino, and Asian populations.


The appearance of keloids can be bothersome, which prompts hundreds of thousands of clinic visits in the United States each year. Patients who seek medical attention for keloids typically want to have them reduced in size and appearance. While keloids are resistant to treatment and may regrow following therapy, surgical removal and nonsurgical management therapies are available. Patients can seek treatment even years after a keloid develops.

At the University of Miami Health System’s Keloid Clinic, we can recommend, prescribe, or provide the following treatments for keloid management.

  • Moisturizing oils
  • Silicone pads, gel, or sheeting
  • Pressure garments
  • Laser treatments
  • Triamcinolone (corticosteroid) injections
  • 5-FU (a form of chemotherapy) Surgical removal
  • Cyrosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen)

A combination of therapies, including surgical excision followed by radiation, may be most effective.

Following an exam with your primary care physician or dermatologist, they can refer you UHealth’s Keloid Clinic for specialized care. Call 305-243-7500 for more information.

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