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Undiagnosed Disease


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Both children and adults may need the help of genetic experts to help diagnose diseases. If you have an undiagnosed disease, you may have many different symptoms affecting different parts of your body. For instance, you may have heart and kidney problems, or blindness and intellectual disability. You may have seen many doctors in many specialties, but they can’t find the cause of these complex or unusual conditions.

Clinical geneticists (medical doctors who specialize in genetics) use advanced genetic testing to uncover the causes of undiagnosed diseases.


Genetic Counseling
A board-certified geneticist along with a counselor will go over all your previous medical history, including test results, medical imaging, previous diagnoses and your family history. This information helps genetic counselors determine what tests you need.

Genetic Testing
Genetic testing uses blood or saliva samples to look for genes that can cause medical problems. After testing, your genetic specialist will go over all the results with you and explain what they may mean.


Personalized Care
Your treatment will depend on what diagnosis you receive and the results of your genetic testing. Genetic testing may allow you to receive treatments specialized for your specific genes.

Why Choose UHealth?

A national leader in precision medicine. As leaders in precision medicine, we have been selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as one of 10 sites in the country to participate in the All of Us Research Program. This program finds new ways to deliver personalized care by considering your particular lifestyle, health conditions, and genetics. As one of our patients, you can help change the future of health care and precision medicine, helping future generations receive the specialized care they need.

Innovative treatment designed for you. Using advanced genetic tests, our genetics experts may identify the exact cause of the condition and provide treatment based on each person’s genetic makeup. As a specialized hospital in South Florida, we offer these targeted, personalized treatments as well as the latest clinical trials. This means you get more testing and treatment options designed just for you.

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