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Vision Problems


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Many vision disorders can be inherited, including the major causes of blindness. Commonly inherited vision disorders include:

Your vision, or your child’s, can be mildly or severely affected, depending on the genetic condition and its severity.


Genetic Counseling and Testing
If your doctor suspects a genetic vision problem, you or your child may benefit from genetic evaluation, testing, and genetic counseling. Counseling may include taking a complete medical and family history and running genetic tests with saliva or blood to check for specific genes that cause vision problems.

Physical Exam and History
During the evaluation, a clinical geneticist will take a full medical history and family history and perform a physical examination to find out if there are signs of a syndrome associated with vision problems.


Prescription Glasses or Contacts
Glasses can help many children with vision defects achieve better vision.

Cataract Surgery
Infants and children can undergo cataract surgery to remove damaged lenses. Children can then receive an artificial lens to allow improved vision.

Certain medicines and eye drops can help eye conditions such as congenital glaucoma.

Laser Surgery
Laser surgery can help with many eye conditions, including glaucoma.

Clinical Trials
Rare vision defects may have no specific treatment. However, clinical trials can help identify new, experimental treatments that may help.

Why Choose UHealth?

Innovative treatment designed for you. Using advanced genetic tests, our genetics experts may identify the exact cause of your condition and provide treatment based on each person’s genetic makeup. As a specialized hospital in South Florida, we to offer these targeted, personalized treatments as well as the latest clinical trials. This means you get the latest, most advanced approaches.

A team approach to your care. Our clinical geneticists (medical doctors who specialize in genes and heredity) work alongside expert physicians in oncology, neurology, pediatrics, cardiology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and other specialties to give you the most comprehensive care in South Florida — all in one place. Whether you receive care in our multidisciplinary clinics or a general clinic, we ensure you receive personalized treatment specific to your needs. Our dedicated genetic counselors, medical geneticists, and other medical staff support you and your family in all steps of your medical journey.

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