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Preventive Medicine


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Preventive medicine focuses on preventing disease, finding illness at the earliest stages, and taking control of chronic health conditions before they affect your quality of life. At University of Miami Health System, we work together with you to pinpoint your risk factors and keep you healthy.

The first step of preventive medicine is making your annual checkup appointment with your internal medicine doctor. During your checkup, your doctor gathers your health history, conducts a physical exam, and checks for signs of chronic disease (any condition that’s lasted for more than three months).

Your internist will recommend screening tests based on your age, such as a mammogram or a colonoscopy. If you have a personal or family history of some cancers or other conditions, your doctor may recommend you undergo these tests sooner.

Who is a Candidate?

We recommend everyone see their internist or primary care doctor once a year for their preventive checkup — regardless of age or health status.

What to Expect

Preventive medicine services can include:

Why Choose UHealth?

World-class care in an academic health center. We’re a research and teaching institution, so you have access to the latest treatments — including promising new therapies through clinical trials. We treat adults with proven, leading-edge approaches based on innovative research at the Miller School of Medicine. Our doctors, residents, nurses, and therapists work together to improve health and wellness.

Access to top-notch specialty providers. Our comprehensive health system puts you in the skilled hands of a highly trained group of health care professionals, including 1,200 of the nation’s top doctors in more than 100 specialties. We use a patient-centered approach that prioritizes your health care preferences.

Commitment to prevention and health maintenance. We focus on more than the treatment of particular health conditions. We help you maintain optimal health and prevent chronic illness. By seeing your internist regularly, you can lower your risk of developing health conditions that affect your quality of life.

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