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FAQ’s About DBS


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Would DBS keep me from using future treatments or cures that may come along? Page 1
Is DBS just for tremor? Page 1
Is DBS something to consider as a last resort? Page 1
How long will it take for the DBS therapy to work after the implant procedure? Page 1
What does the stimulation feel like? Page 1
Will I be able to resume my normal daily activities? Page 1
Will the neurostimulator show through my clothes? Page 1
Will I be able to increase or decrease the strength of stimulation? Page 1
Will my insurance cover DBS therapy? Page 1
Is it safe to have medical tests with the system implanted? Page 1
Will I be able to have an MRI scan with a DBS system? Page 1
Can stimulation be used during pregnancy? Page 1
What are the risks associated with this type of treatment? Page 1
Is this a permanent procedure? Page 1
What happens if the neurostimulator stops working? Page 1
How long will the neurostimulator battery last? Page 1
What happens when my neurostimulator is ready to be replaced? Page 1