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Penile Pain


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Pain in the penis can occur in any area of the organ – the base, shaft, head, or foreskin. There are a wide variety of conditions and factors that can cause penile pain, such as:

When experiencing penile pain, a male may also experience an itching, burning, or throbbing sensation along any area of the penis. The urologic specialists at the Desai Sethi Urology Institute have years of experience in diagnosing and treating the wide range of possible causes of penile pain.


Physical Exam
Your urologist will conduct a thorough physical exam – including collecting a detailed health history – to determine the cause of your penile pain.

Urine Culture
Your urologist may order a urine culture to check for signs of infection.

Fluid Sample
If there are genital sores or sexual discharges, your doctor may take samples from the affected areas to determine the type of infection and develop a treatment plan.

Your doctor may also use an ultrasound to examine the plaques related to Peyronie’s disease more closely.

Your doctor may take an X-ray to check for calcification (build-up of calcium) that could be causing your pain.


Your specialist may prescribe a medication to treat the underlying cause of your penile pain. Medications may include antibiotics to treat an infection – such as a UTI or STD – or a type of medication that can reduce blood flow to the penis to decrease symptoms of unusually prolonged erections.

Depending on the cause of the penile pain, you may need surgery. Certain situations that warrant surgery include removing cancerous tissue and helping to stretch unusually tight foreskin.

An FDA-approved injection can break down scar tissue in the penis that may be causing your pain. With less scar tissue, you may experience less pain and less curvature of the penis.

Penile Rod Implant
For men with both erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, semi-rigid penile implant rods can help you maintain an erection. These rods are implanted during surgery and allow the penis to be bent as needed.

Inflatable Penile Implant
If you have erectile dysfunction along with your penile pain, you may benefit from an inflatable penile implant. During surgery, your urologist inserts inflatable cylinders into your penis. These cylinders can be filled with fluid to create an erection, and then the fluid can be released using a valve implanted into the scrotum.

Why Choose UHealth?

Innovative, expert urology care at the Desai Sethi Urology Institute. Our team of urology experts delivers advanced care for all urologic conditions. We use the latest research and the least invasive procedures to help you feel better and recover more quickly. Our experienced urologists design a personalized treatment plan to give you the best possible results.

Advanced research in men’s health. Our urologists are dedicated to men’s health and conduct innovative research into many conditions. Our expert team has helped develop new minimally invasive and robotic surgical procedures to treat cancers, incontinence, and more. We give you access to leading-edge treatments and clinical trials that aren’t widely available. In addition, we have established the eighth fellowship program in the nation dedicated solely to teaching physicians how to care for men’s health. 

Leaders in robotic surgery treatment. We have some of the world’s most experienced robotic surgeons for urologic procedures. In fact, doctors come from all over the world to learn at our Urology Robotic Program — the #1 ranked program in South Florida. The University of Miami Health System was the first academic medical center in the world to get the da Vinci Xi robotic surgery system and has completed more than 5,000 robotic surgeries — procedures that offer less pain and scarring and a faster recovery.

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