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Testes Biopsy


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A testes biopsy can help your doctor learn about your reproductive health. You may need a testes biopsy to identify health problems like azoospermia (no sperm) or testicular cancer. By examining a small part of the testes, your urologist can learn more about your reproductive health.

Who Is a Candidate?

You may need a testes biopsy if a semen analysis reveals no sperm. If you have a lump in your testes, your doctor may also use a testes biopsy to identify cancer cells.

What to Expect During a Testes Biopsy

You may have a testes biopsy as an outpatient procedure in your doctor’s office or at a surgery center. You will be under anesthesia so you won’t feel pain during the procedure.

During a testes biopsy, your doctor makes a small incision in the skin of your scrotum. They then make a small incision in the testes to remove part of the testicle tissue. Your doctor will be able to use just two stitches to close the incision. A doctor will examine the testes tissue in a lab to look for sperm.

For a needle biopsy, your doctor will insert a needle into the testes. This type of biopsy is more commonly used for a testicular cancer diagnosis. Your doctor will take a sample of the lump in the testicle to study under a microscope to identify cancer cells.

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