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Papanicolau Cancer Research Bldg 137
Junwei Shi, Ph.D.

Junwei Shi, Ph.D.

  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Radiation Oncology
Research InterestPage 1
Dr. Shi’s major research interest focuses on prostate cancer treatment by applying nanotechnology advances in active targeting, radiosensitization, and drug delivery. First, Dr. Shi is interested in applying innovations in Metal Nanoparticles, including Gold Nanoparticles and Gadolinium Nanoparticles, to enhance effective dose in tumor while sparing unnecessary dose to healthy tissues. Second, Dr. Shi is interested in developing novel molecular imaging modality for in vivo Metal Nanoparticle imaging, to noninvasively monitor tumor metabolism and assess tumor treatment response. Third, Dr. Shi is interested in tumor-targeting drug delivery based on Metal Nanoparticles, and explore the synergistic effects induced by these multifunctional Nanoparticles.