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Office of Outreach and Engagement

Established in 2016, Sylvester’s Office of Outreach and Engagement (SOOE) aims to eliminate the burden of cancer throughout South Florida, including Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties.

The efforts of the SOOE are supported by members of our Community Advisory Committee. Guided by their input, the SOOE engages diverse community members in culturally-tailored education about cancer and the benefits of clinical trial participation. The SOOE participates in health fairs and prevention and awareness programs throughout South Florida, providing evidence-based health information through tailored interventions and community events. The SOOE Community Health Educators provide information about cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis, as well as increase awareness of and trust in research conducted at Sylvester.

By working with Sylvester’s teams and partners, the SOOE is able to obtain a clearer picture of the cancer burden in South Florida and learn how to match local need with research opportunity.

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Phone: 305-243-1120

Other Sylvester Initiatives

Sylvester investigators are also taking a leadership role in shaping statewide policy and global oncology initiatives. For more information, please visit: