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Meet the Team


To learn more about cancer survivorship research at Sylvester, please call 305-243-3329 or
email Survivorship Research.


To learn more or request an appointment, call 305-243-4922 or
email Survivorship Care.

Leadership Team

Dr. Frank J. Penedo Dr. Frank J. Penedo

SCCC Associate Director
Cancer Survivorship & Translational Behavioral Sciences
Director, Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care

Dr. Matthew Schlumbrecht Dr. Matthew Schlumbrecht

Medical Co-Director, Survivorship Clinical Research Programs

Dr. Carmen Calfa Dr. Carmen Calfa

Medical Co-Director, Survivorship Clinical Programs

Dr. Carmen Calfa Dr. Tracy Crane

Director, Lifestyle Medicine and Digital Health

Dr. Brandon Mahal Dr. Brandon Mahal

Director, Community Outreach & Engagement for Cancer Survivors

Dr. Maria Rueda Lara Dr. Maria Rueda Lara

Director, Cancer Psychiatry and Psycho-Oncology

Jessica MacIntyre Jessica MacIntyre

Executive Director, Clinical Operations

Ingrid Gabriela Barrera, PsyD Dr. Ingrid Gabriela Barrera

Director, Clinical Operations -Cancer Supportive Services


Madeline Krause Madeline Krause

Research Operations
Cancer Survivorship & Translational Behavioral Sciences

Karolim Chavez Karolim Chavez

Clinical Program Coordinator

Dr. Akina Natori Dr. Akina Natori

Cancer Survivorship Analytics

Vandana Sookdeo, M.D. Dr. Vandana Sookdeo

Director of Administrative Operations

Magela Pons Magela Pons

Clinical Research Coordinator

Liz Rivera Liz Rivera

My Wellness Check Patient Navigator

Sylvester Cancer Survivorship and Translational Behavioral Sciences