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Kristin E. Rojas, M.D.

Kristin E. Rojas, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Surgery
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Dr. Rojas is a clinical research investigator dedicated to improving the lives of patients with breast cancer through opioid-minimization strategies and survivors’ symptoms of sexual dysfunction management. Her previous research has focused on minimizing the prescription of unnecessary and unused opioids after breast cancer surgery. As opioid-related deaths continue to climb through the COVID-19 pandemic, minimizing the use of superfluous opioids in cancer surgery benefits both patients and society. Using multimodal analgesia before, during, and after surgery, the reflex postoperative opioid prescription can be eliminated without compromising postoperative pain control. Furthermore, newer studies have shown that perioperative opioids may worsen cancer outcomes. Her second research focus centers on improving quality of life in women with a history of cancer. More than 80% of women with a history of breast cancer report symptoms of sexual dysfunction related to treatment, and managing these symptoms may improve compliance to extended anti-estrogen (adjuvant endocrine) therapy. In her role as a breast surgical oncologist and gynecologist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, she look forward to combining my clinical expertise and clinical research background as I work toward improving survivorship outcomes for women with a history of breast cancer.