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Luis Tuesta

Luis Tuesta, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Member - IACUC Committee (2019-Present) Member - MSTP (MD/PhD) Committee (2020-Present) Chair - Dissertation Committee
  • Darya Pavlenko Chair - Dissertation Committee
  • Mark Oppenheimer Member - Dissertation Committee
  • Dena Arizanovska Mentor - Samoa Vilca (PhD candidate
  • NGP) Mentor - Tate Pollock (Graduate Student
  • NGP) Mentor - Alexander Margetts (Graduate Student
  • CAB)
  • Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Research InterestPage 1
The Tuesta Lab is interested in understanding the epigenetic mechanisms underpinning activation of microglia and how persistent activation of these cells by chemotherapeutic agents can drive cognitive and attentional deficits in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.