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COVID-19 Heart Program


Please call
305-2-HEART-U (305-243-2788)
to make an appointment.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, including heart health for many people who were either infected by COVID-19 or who had a heart attack or other major heart problems at home during the pandemic but decided not to seek treatment for fear of coming to the hospital.

To help these patients and their doctors, heart experts at the University of Miami Health System have established a special program to address health issues related to heart inflammation and scarring due to COVID-19 infections and untreated heart problems.

Our heart experts are leading the way in understanding how COVID-19 impacts heart health and in researching innovative ways to help treat it. We’re here to answer some questions you may have:

I had COVID-19 – did it affect my heart? Page 1
I have not been infected with COVID-19, but I have experienced some heart symptoms that concern me. What should I do? Page 1
All the concern around public health has increased my interest in my heart health. How can I be evaluated? Page 1
Is it safe to come to a medical office for evaluation and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic? Page 1