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  • Dental Extractions

    Diseased conditions of the teeth vary greatly. The range extends from the well-known “cavity”, to advanced periodontal disease. Diseases of the teeth also include the common impacted teeth or “wisdom teeth.” These conditions, besides causing intense pain in the jaws, can also have associated infections and may produce cysts or tumors.

    These teeth commonly need to be extracted (or pulled out); a procedure that is performed by an oral surgeon.  UHealth has several expert oral surgeons who have been specially trained to extract teeth with minimal discomfort to the patient.

  • IV Sedation 

    Many people get so anxious about dental work that they decide not to go at all.  Rather than not taking care of your teeth and possibly getting painful tooth issues, IV sedation may be an option. Conscious sedation is a form “twilight sleep” that can be given safely in an office setting. Administration of sedation given through an intravenous line (IV) and titrated until the patient achieves a state of complete relaxation and semi-sleep. 

    These medications help to prevent anxiety and nervousness in the dental setting. All patients undergoing sedation are monitored with the same equipment, as one would for general anesthesia in a hospital. Our oral surgeons are qualified to admit general anesthesia because they have trained for six months with hospital based anesthesiologist. 

  • Complex Dental Rehabilitation 

    If your teeth have been damaged by injury, tooth grinding, extensive decay, or gum disease we can rebuild broken down or worn teeth with modern day techniques. Missing teeth can be replaced with either bridgework, removable partial dentures, or dental implants as needed. Regardless of the condition of your teeth, we can restore your smile.