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When your skin feels itchy and you can’t seem to get relief, it can be miserable and impact all aspects of your everyday life. There are many causes of itchy skin, including:

  • Bed bugs
  • Contact dermatitis (skin becomes irritated after contact with an allergen or other irritant)
  • Eczema (group of conditions that cause skin to be red, itchy, and inflamed)
  • Hives
  • Poison ivy, oak, and sumac
  • Psoriasis (autoimmune disease that causes red, scaly patches)
  • Rosacea (long-lasting condition that causes redness, swelling, and acne-like breakouts)
  • Scabies (highly contagious skin disease caused by an infestation of the insect Sarcoptes scabiei)
  • Sunburn

If you have an underlying condition that is causing the itch, you should see a dermatologist at University of Miami Health System to help find relief.


Cool Baths
Taking cool (not cold) baths or applying wet compresses to your skin can help calm the pain and inflammation. Take only as recommended by your physician.

Pain Medication
Your doctor may prescribe an oral (taken by mouth) pain relief medication in cases of severe itching.

Ointment or Cream
A prescription topical ointment or cream, applied directly to your skin, can provide relief.

Oral Medication
For severe itch, you may need to take oral (by mouth) medication, such as ivermectin, to soothe the itch.

Antihistamine Medication
Your dermatologist may recommend that you take antihistamine medication to help control the itching during your treatment period.


Physical Exam
Through a medical examination of your skin, as well as a thorough review of your health history, we can accurately determine the cause of your itching and the best course of treatment.

Skin Allergy Test
Your dermatologist may use a skin allergy test to confirm the cause of your itch.

Why Choose UHealth?

World-class leaders in skin care treatment. University of Miami Health System is recognized throughout South Florida and the world as a leader in caring for conditions and disorders of the skin. Backed by one of the nation’s top universities, our team uses the latest technologies and research-driven expertise to provide superior, personalized treatments for prolonged itching.

Compassionate care in an academic medical center. Regardless of your age, condition, or whether you need long-term, short-term, or regenerative skin treatments, you will benefit from the state-of-the-art technology and latest medical advancements developed by our researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. You will receive the most accurate diagnosis and a detailed plan to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy.

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