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  • Oral Medications

    Individuals with monogenic diabetes may be misdiagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and treated with insulin. However, oral medications, such as sulfonylureas, can better manage this type of diabetes. That’s why it’s important that you or your newborn visit our diabetes specialists for testing to determine the correct diagnosis. 

  • Diet and Exercise

    Diet and exercise play important roles in all treatment for monogenic diabetes.

  • Monitor Blood Glucose Levels

    Cystic fibrosis affects the body’s secretions of digestive enzymes and insulin from the pancreas. That's why cystic fibrosis patients with diabetes should monitor blood glucose levels even more rigorously than other diabetes patients.

  • Insulin Management

    Our diabetes experts can help determine which products and delivery systems will work best for you to monitor your blood glucose levels and correctly administer your insulin.

  • Proper Nutrition

    Because proper nutrition is so critical in managing diabetes, we’ll teach you how different foods affect your blood glucose and how to develop appropriate meal plans to meet your needs.