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Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)


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LPR can be referred to as “silent reflux” because most patients do not have heartburn.

LPR is common, but less well known than gastroesophageal or reflux disease. Phlegm, which is typically worse in the morning, throat clearing, and sore throat are the typical symptoms. However, other symptoms can be hoarseness, irritation/discomfort, cough, or a feeling of a lump (or something stuck) in your throat.

Reflux is a backflow of stomach acid into your throat and voice box. This is usually prevented by a muscle valve (lower esophageal sphincter) at the entrance of the stomach. But if it is not functioning well you may develop these symptoms.

The valve is very weak if there is a hiatal hernia. But, also there are many common foods and drinks that relax this valve. Weakening of the valve is also a common occurrence as you get older.

Treatment is based on two parts: diet and lifestyle changes and medications.

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Customized treatment from a multidisciplinary team. We work with you to understand your condition and your vocal goals so we can craft a customized treatment plan that makes the most sense for you. When therapy is needed, we develop a personalized therapy program based on your specific situation and tailored to your needs and goals. Our multidisciplinary team works alongside you for the long term to ensure that you receive comprehensive treatment and get your voice back.

World-class care in an academic health system. We are recognized throughout South Florida and the world as a leader in treating conditions and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat. Backed by one of the nation’s top universities, our team uses the latest technologies and research-driven expertise to provide you with superior, personalized care and the best outcomes.

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