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  • Medications

    Your gastrointestinal (GI) doctor may prescribe a medication that can reduce the severity of your lactose intolerance symptoms.

  • Diet modification

    You may need to make changes to your diet, such as avoiding eating large servings of dairy products, including small servings of dairy products in your regular meals, and consuming lactose-free dairy products.




  • Physical exam

    We can accurately diagnose your lactose intolerance through a medical examination and review of your past health history.

  • Elimination diet

    Your GI doctor may ask you to avoid dairy-containing products for a period of time to see if your symptoms improve.

  • Lactose tolerance test

    This test checks how your digestive system absorbs lactose..

  • Hydrogen breath test

    This test checks for high levels of hydrogen in your breath that can be present, if your body doesn’t properly digest dairy products.

  • Stool acidity test

    Used for infants and young children, this test checks to see how much acid is in the stool.