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Preconception Counseling and Genetic Testing


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Preconception counseling and genetic testing help couples understand their risks for having a child with a genetic condition. With the support of a board-certified genetic counselor, couples can undergo genetic testing. The genetic counselor carefully explains the test results so that couples can make informed decisions about conceiving a child.

Who is a Candidate?

Any couple that is concerned about or interested in learning about their risk for passing genetic conditions on to their child can seek preconception counseling and genetic testing. Some couples may have a particular disorder that runs in their family; other couples may have no family history and are interested in their general risk. All people are unknowingly carriers of at least five to seven genetic disorders. Our counselors can help identify these disorders and discuss reproductive options.

What to Expect

During your counseling appointment, your doctor will want a complete family and medical history. You may want to speak to your family members beforehand to ensure you have the right information and as much information as possible.

Your geneticist may take a blood or saliva sample from just one partner or both. These samples are run through DNA testing. These tests allow doctors to look for genes associated with genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, deafness, or Fragile X syndrome.

After your tests are complete, you will sit down with a geneticist and counselor to discuss your chance of having a child with these genetic conditions. They can explain your test results and provide information on your options for conceiving a child without these conditions.

Why Choose UHealth?

Personalized testing and counseling. Our genetics experts use advanced genetic testing to determine your risk of passing on certain genetic disorders to a child. Our counselors answer all your questions and help you understand your genetic testing results. We offer individualized counseling and advice so you can make informed decisions about conception and pregnancy.

A national leader in precision medicine. As leaders in precision medicine, we have been selected by NIH as one of 10 sites in the country to participate in the All of Us Research Program. This program finds new ways to deliver personalized care by considering your particular lifestyle, health conditions, and genetics. As one of our patients, you can help change the future of health care and precision medicine, helping future generations receive the specialized care they need.

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