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Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Deafness


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Sensorineural hearing loss or deafness occur due to problems with the auditory nerve or the part of the brain responsible for hearing. In children with hearing loss or deafness, these problems are often caused by genetic conditions.


Newborn Hearing Screening
Children who are born with hearing problems are often identified during the newborn hearing screening. This test is required by many states, including Florida, and is completed while your child is in the hospital after birth.

Physical Exam and History
During the evaluation, your clinical geneticist will take a full medical and family history and perform a physical examination to find out if there are signs of a syndrome that is associated with hearing loss.

Hearing Tests
Hearing tests can help measure hearing ability, determine the cause, and help us design treatment that will offer the best results tests.

Genetic Testing
More than half of hearing loss in infants and young children is due to one of over 400 genetic conditions. Hearing loss in older children and adults can be caused by genetic mutations as well. Genetic testing uses a blood or saliva test to look for genes that may cause hearing loss. Understanding the exact genetic cause of hearing loss can help identify possible treatments.


Hearing Aids
In children with hearing loss, hearing aids can help amplify sounds and improve the ability to hear.

Sign Language
Sign language can help children with hearing loss and deafness communicate with others using their hands. Both parents and children should learn sign language.

Cochlear Implants
Cochlear implants require surgery. These devices help with hearing loss related to the inner ear (cochlea).

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials can help your child get access to testing not widely available. These tests can help pinpoint the causes of hearing loss and provide access to personalized treatments and therapies.

Why Choose UHealth?

A national leader in precision medicine. As leaders in precision medicine, we have been selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as one of 10 sites in the country to participate in the All of Us Research Program. This program finds new ways to deliver personalized care by considering your particular lifestyle, health conditions, and genetics. As one of our patients, you can help change the future of health care and precision medicine, helping future generations receive the specialized care they need.

Innovative treatment designed for you. Using advanced genetic tests, our genetics experts may identify the exact cause of the disorder and provide customized treatment based on each person’s genetic makeup. We are the only hospital in South Florida to offer these targeted, personalized treatments as well as the latest clinical trials through our NIH support research program. This means you get more testing and treatment options designed just for you.

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