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General Neurology


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General neurologists care for a wide range of neurological conditions. They provide comprehensive care including medicines; devices like nerve stimulators; injections for pain; guidance for lifestyle changes’ and referral to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and/or psychological counseling. Physical and occupational therapists in neurology can help identify any abnormal movement patterns, coordination and balance deficits, and cognitive impairments that affect your ability to perform normal activities independently.

Neurologists diagnose conditions using imaging technology, like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans. They also use tests like electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) to monitor electrical signals in the nerves and diagnose problems.

Neurologists at the University of Miami Health System offer comprehensive management of neurological conditions.

Our expert neurologists participate in research to improve treatment for patients across the country. We give you access to the latest clinical trials so you have more treatment options.

Why Choose UHealth?

Top-rated neurology team. Our team has more than 70 renowned research and clinical faculty in most of the neurological sub-specialties. Together with UHealth’s expert neurosurgeons, U.S. News and World Report ranked us in the top 50 among teams in the country, and our department ranked in the top 16 in NIH funding.

High case volume. Our neurologists are experienced and knowledgeable. The number of patients our department has cared for is impressive; as an example, there are about 2,500 patients with movement disorders, 2000 patients with multiple sclerosis, 1000 patients with cognitive impairment, 1500 with stroke and about 300 patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Clinical and laboratory research. The physicians and scientists within the department also conduct cutting-edge clinical and basic science laboratory research in a variety of program areas including cerebrovascular disease; ALS and other neuromuscular diseases; epilepsy; genetic and mitochondrial diseases of the nervous system; movement disorders and degenerative diseases; neuro-pharmacology; and neurophysiology. 

Centers of Excellence. The Neurology Department is considered a Center of Excellence with clinical and research focus on Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This esteemed qualification is fostered by long-term collaborations with the National Parkinson Foundation and the National MS Society.

Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute. The McKnight Brain Institute conducts clinical and basic research in the area of age-related memory loss and the Brain Endowment Bank, which studies the brain and how it is affected by PD and other movement disorders, drug addiction, and aging.

Specialized headache services. We specialize in headaches, so you know you are getting neurologists with specific experience. When you meet with our specialists, they obtain an accurate diagnosis and develop a headache care plan that emphasizes prevention, risk reduction, safety, and return to well-being. Consultation and referral services are enriched with patient education and interdisciplinary referrals when appropriate.

Neurocritical care. Our physicians are internationally trained and staff two intensive care units: a 24-bed unit located at Jackson Memorial Hospital and an 8-bed unit at UHealth Tower.

Adult and pediatric neuromuscular expertise. Our diverse faculty provides comprehensive and compassionate care to patients with a broad range of neuromuscular diseases, as well as both electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular pathology services. At the Desai Sethi Medical Center, the neuromuscular team sees patients in the Kessenich Family ALS Clinics, the adult and pediatric neuromuscular clinics, and the University of Miami Electromyography Laboratory.

Neuropsychology services. We are one of the only neuropsychology programs in South Florida. Our neuropsychologists evaluate patients with a wide variety of neurological, psychological, and medical disorders affecting cognition and emotion, and conduct industry-leading research.

Experts in pediatric neurology. The pediatric neurology specialists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, in affiliation with Holtz Children's Hospital and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, are committed to the diagnosis and treatment of childhood-onset neurologic disorders.

Accredited Comprehensive Sleep Center by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We combine expert evaluation, best-in-class treatment of sleep disorders, and outstanding research initiatives for South Florida. Our clinical services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialists and technologists.

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