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  • Regular checkups

    In most cases, adolescents experiencing delayed puberty catch up with their peers and don’t need treatment. Your child’s doctor will discuss your child’s development with you and let you know if any testing is necessary.

  • Steroid or hormone therapy

    In rare cases, your child’s pediatrician may recommend a short course of steroid or hormone therapy treatment to help jump-start puberty. Usually, doctors only prescribe steroid or hormone therapy when your child has another health condition, such as hormone deficiency or permanent damage to the testes or ovaries.


  • Physical exam

    Your child’s doctor performs a physical exam to determine if your child has any signs of starting puberty, such as breast development in females and testes growth in males.

  • Blood tests

    Doctors may order blood and urine tests to check hormone levels and determine if a health condition is causing delayed puberty. They also may order imaging studies to check other body and brain maturational factors.