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Sexual Health


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When teens are educated about sexual health and have open communication with parents and health care professionals, they can make more informed, responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. 

University of Miami Health System adolescent medicine specialists offer guidance to help your child develop healthy behaviors that ensure their well-being — and lower their risk of unintended pregnancies, HIV infection, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Who is a Candidate?

If your teenager is sexually active or you suspect they are, our adolescent medicine team can provide education and support to help them make informed, responsible decisions.

What to Expect

Your teenager meets with one of our adolescent medicine doctors who will provide health education and counseling about important sexual health matters in an age-appropriate and informative setting.

They will receive information to:

  • Prevent unintended pregnancy
  • Protect against STDs
  • Understand the physical and emotional changes during puberty 

Your child’s sexual health information will only be shared with you if they provide signed consent.

Why Choose UHealth?

Treating young patients from all over the world. Children and their families come from all over the world to receive quality care, compassionately delivered by outstanding pediatric specialists and other skilled medical professionals within our facilities. 

Recognized for excellence in care. We have received the “Best Practice” designation from the Florida Department of Health and its Miami-Dade County branch for HIV testing and treatment services for 13 to 24-year-olds with the HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some of our doctors have also earned the “Best Doctor in America” recognition from the American Health Council

Top-notch care in an academic health system. Backed by one of the nation’s top universities, our team uses the latest technologies and research-driven expertise to provide your child with superior, personalized care and the best outcomes possible. We’re the only academic health center in South Florida with developmental and behavioral pediatric specialists  on staff.

Involvement with research and education. Members of our adolescent medicine team are also involved in research and education, allowing us to offer the latest, innovative treatments sooner than other facilities in South Florida. We have a 24-year continual experience with national research projects concerning HIV infection in youth, adolescent sexual health, and prevention of STDs in teenagers. We’re also involved in national collaborations concerning injury prevention and health promotion.

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