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Complex Stoma Problems


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If you have a condition that prevents your bowels or bladder from emptying naturally, you may have a stoma created for you. During an ostomy procedure, surgeons may create a stoma, an opening that allows feces or urine to pass from the intestine or urinary tract to the outside of the body.

Problems that can occur with a stoma include:

  • Skin problems. Your skin can become irritated around the area of the stoma, which can cause pain and discomfort. Skin problems can cause the attachment of the bag to not fit correctly, so it’s important you seek treatment.
  • Stoma leakage. When a stoma bag does not fit correctly, fills up quickly, or the output becomes loose, leakage can occur.
  • Stoma bleeding. If you notice bleeding coming from inside the stoma, you should contact your colorectal specialist to make sure you don’t have intestinal bleeding.
  • Retraction. In normal conditions, a stoma protrudes slightly above skin level. Retraction occurs when the stoma lays flat against your skin or even below skin level.
  • Prolapse. This problem is when the stoma extends to an unusual length, when can lead to abrasion or difficulty with placement of the pouch.
  • Parastomal hernia. This condition occurs when loops of intestine push through weakened abdominal muscles located behind the stoma. This can also lead to difficulty in placement of the pouch.


Physical Exam
Your specialist will ask you questions about your health history, and perform a physical examination of your stoma and surrounding area.

Imaging Tests
Your specialist may order imaging tests to diagnose your stoma problem.


Proper Care of Stoma
Your specialist will likely review proper care and handling of your stoma, to ensure you understand what you need to do on a daily basis to make sure it remains functional and free from problems.

Refitting of Stoma
In some cases, your specialist may need to check your stoma for proper fit, to ensure that everything is aligned and not causing any problems.

If needed, your colorectal surgeon may need to perform a procedure to correct the stoma problem.

Treatment of Related or Underlying Complications
If you are experiencing problems with your stoma related to another condition – such as a hernia or internal bleeding – you will undergo treatment for that condition.

Why Choose UHealth?

A broad array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Regardless of your age, condition, or whether you need long- or short-term digestive treatments, you will receive the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment to keep your stomach, digestive system, and organs healthy.

Improving the future of surgical care. We participate in the latest research and clinical trials, which help determine which surgeries work best for which patients. This research improves patient safety and quality of care while shaping the future of surgical treatment. Our surgeons have helped develop new procedures to treat a wide range of conditions, helping patients experience faster recoveries and fewer surgical risks.

A comprehensive team of surgeons and nurses. We provide advanced surgical care for many health problems — from heart conditions to cancer. You’ll receive care from a surgeon who has specialized experience and expertise in your specific condition, ensuring you receive the right care for your needs. We have a dedicated stoma nurse team who may assist patients with the transition in managing the stoma as well as for any issues that may arise in the care of the stoma.

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