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Robotic Colorectal Surgery


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Robotic colorectal surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that our colorectal surgeons offer to some patients, when appropriate. In a robotic surgical procedure, our surgeons use tiny incisions, which can reduce your downtime and healing after surgery, as well as reduce your risk for developing complications.


If you have one of the following colorectal conditions, you may be a candidate to undergo robotic surgery:

What to Expect

In robotic surgery, your colorectal surgeon uses a specialized device to control small surgical instruments that complete your procedure. Because small instruments are used instead of human hands, the incisions for this type of procedure can be much smaller. Robotic surgery can also allow surgeons to be more precise. Your recovery time from robotic surgery will likely be shorter than with traditional, open surgical methods.

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A broad array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Regardless of your age, condition, or whether you need long- or short-term digestive treatments, you will receive the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment to keep your stomach, digestive system, and organs healthy.

Improving the future of surgical care. We participate in the latest research and clinical trials, which help determine which surgeries work best for which patients. This research improves patient safety and quality of care while shaping the future of surgical treatment. Our surgeons have helped develop new procedures to treat a wide range of conditions, helping patients experience faster recoveries and fewer surgical risks.

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A motility lab for accurate diagnosis of gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. The only facility of its kind in South Florida, our motility lab enables our GI specialists to provide accurate diagnoses of GI conditions more quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of leading-edge services, such as hydrogen breath testing, anal-rectal manometry, and bio-feedback.

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