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UHealth Pediatric Mobile Clinic


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The University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic offers free comprehensive medical care to local uninsured children. The clinic bus parks near Miami-Dade public schools, houses of worship, and community centers, making medical services more accessible to families like yours.

Everyone deserves quality healthcare.

Regardless of your insurance coverage, financial resources, or medical history, your child will receive services free of charge at the Pediatric Mobile Clinic. We accept patients who have never received basic preventive care and health screenings including physical exams, eye exams, hearing testing, and bloodwork.

The mobile clinic offers the same services and quality of care provided in a traditional pediatrician’s office. If your child’s medical or psychological condition requires emergency care or evaluation by a specialist, we offer referrals within the UHealth Jackson Children’s Care system. The mobile care team can also connect you with free community-based resources for social and psychological services.

Services we provide:

  • Primary medical care
  • Urgent care
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Screenings
  • Well-visits
  • Follow-up visits after treatment
  • Mental healthcare/psychological evaluations
  • Social work
  • Sports and school physicals
  • Immunizations/vaccinations
  • Health education

We can also:

  • Connect you with medical specialist when needed
  • Offer mental health services to children and families with specific needs
  • Help your family fight childhood obesity, youth tobacco use, and preventable diseases
  • Support your family with social services, case management, and educational opportunities
  • Explain your child’s specific health and developmental needs

Our Facility

UHealth’s new 38-foot mobile clinic is upgraded with telehealth capabilities in all exam rooms, enabling our providers to connect with UHealth’s medical campus specialists when needed. Two large slide-outs double the interior room size, with a separate door and room for nursing and other treatments. All rooms are equipped with standard examination equipment and medical devices, as well as internet access, which allows our providers to utilize UHealth electronic health records.

Our Team

Lisa Gwynn, DOLisa Gwynn, D.O., M.B.A., M.S.P.H., a UHealth pediatrician, serves as the director of the Pediatric Mobile Clinic. To address your family’s medical, psychological, and social service needs, the mobile multidisciplinary care team includes bilingual and some tri-lingual physicians, nurses, a social worker, and a psychologist.

The entire staff is committed to offering culturally-sensitive care to patients from around the world, with extensive experience serving local families from Latin America and the Caribbean. If you are unable to fully communicate with and understand our staff in English, the mobile clinic offers medical translation services to ease communication.

* All Pediatric Mobile Clinic services are by appointment only.

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