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Lymphedema Rehabilitation Care


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Lymphedema surgery

We understand the many challenges that people face during and after cancer treatment. Our comprehensive care approach extends beyond cancer management to include specialized cancer rehabilitation services for patients dealing with lymphedema and mobility disorders. Cancer rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for survivors, addressing the unique physical and emotional aspects of their journey.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to tailoring rehabilitation programs that focus on restoring mobility, managing lymphedema, and promoting a person's overall well-being.

We do this by combining evidence-based therapies with compassionate support.

At UHealth, we are committed to providing holistic care that recognizes the diverse needs of cancer survivors, fostering resilience, and facilitating their path to recovery. Our specialized cancer rehabilitation programs extend a targeted focus on addressing mobility disorders associated with pathologies of the:

  • Shoulder
  • Hand
  • Upper back
  • Neck
  • Abnormal gait
  • Cancer-related fatigue

If you are navigating the effects of current cancer treatment or the aftermath of cancer treatments, a shoulder pathology or abnormal gait issues may pose significant challenges to everyday life.

Our rehabilitation experts work closely with our patients to design interventions that enhance shoulder mobility, alleviate pain, and restore normal gait patterns.

With physical therapy, targeted exercises, and functional training, we aim to improve a person's range of motion and strength while minimizing their discomfort.

We understand the impact of cancer-related fatigue and offer comprehensive strategies to mitigate fatigue and enhance overall endurance. These include:

  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Medications
  • Techniques
  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Personalized exercise plans

Our holistic approach addresses the physical aspects of mobility disorders and considers the unique emotional and psychological aspects of the cancer journey.

Our commitment to comprehensive care extends to providing non-opioid pain management solutions tailored to the unique needs of our patients.

We prioritize evidence-based therapies and treatments that effectively alleviate pain without reliance on opioids.

Our non-opioid pain management strategies include a combination of physical therapy, targeted exercises, and alternative therapies such as:

  • Intra-articular injections
  • Oral non-opioid options
  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Psychological support to address the emotional aspects of pain

By employing a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to minimize discomfort, enhance functionality, and improve overall well-being, empowering individuals on their journey to recovery.

Rehabilitation Treatments for Lymphedema

A rehabilitation medicine doctor or physiatrist would recommend one of the following treatments based on your specific needs.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
MLD is a gentle technique that helps to move the lymph fluid out of the swollen extremity. A special, short-stretch compression bandage is then applied to the affected extremity after MLD to prevent the re-accumulation of fluid. This treatment could include the use of garments and pumps which would be determined by your Cancer Rehabilitation Provider.

Complete Decongestion Therapy (CDT)
CDT is a noninvasive treatment for lymphedema. The therapy includes a variety of techniques, including manual lymphatic drainage, compression, exercise, and skin care. CDT will help you avoid some of the complications that come from living with Lymphedema, a chronic condition that can be managed, but not be cured. This treatment could include the use of garments and pumps which would be determined by your Cancer Rehabilitation Provider.

Meet Your Team

Diana Margarita Maria Molinares Mejia, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Ady Marie Correa Mendoza, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Melanie M Taylor, APRN
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Why Choose UHealth?

Specialized expertise and comprehensive services. We have special programs in cancer rehabilitation, rehabilitation psychology, and neuropsychology. From restoring your physical and emotional health, to providing education for prevention and wellness, we’re here for all your needs.

Multispecialty care with teams built around your condition. Our rehabilitation team works closely with oncologists, surgeons, rheumatologists, dermatologists, and others to customize your treatment plan. You have access to the latest non-surgical, minimally invasive approaches to managing pain, including neurostimulation and neuromusculoskeletal ultrasound-guided injections, all in one place.

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