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Second Medical Opinion Service

Second Medical Opinion Service at Bascom Palmer

Get an expert opinion from the comfort of your home.

Are you looking to confirm your doctor’s diagnosis? Are you facing a treatment decision?
If so, you can now get a second medical opinion from Bascom Palmer’s specialists from the comfort of your own home. 

Bascom Palmer is pleased to announce the launch of its online Second Medical Opinion ServiceBascom Palmer has partnered with Activ Doctors Online (ADO), to provide this service to you. ADO is one of the world’s first companies to provide telemedicine solutions to patients.

Many patients seek second medical opinions regarding their medical diagnosis or treatment, and seeking a second medical opinion can help them make important medical decisions. Now, with the launch of Bascom Palmer’s online service, you can receive a second ophthalmology medical opinion from anywhere in the world. The new service can be an economical alternative to face-to-face consultations without the expense of traveling to Bascom Palmer.




You can get this second medical opinion from the comfort of your home, without the time or expense of traveling to Bascom Palmer.


Once you complete a secure and safe online application, you submit your medical history, eye medical records, test results and images. All documents must be submitted in English. Once this information has been received, an ADO medical director will contact a Bascom Palmer doctor to review your records. The doctor will provide the second opinion after carefully reviewing of all of your documents. The doctor can confirm that the diagnosis and treatment plan recommended by your physician is the best option, or recommend alternative options.


Once the application is complete and your diagnosis or treatment is submitted online, ADO will contact the Bascom Palmer specialist that is expert in your eye condition. You will receive your second medical opinion within a few days.


The fee for the online second medical opinion is $650. This cost is not covered by Medicare and insurance is not accepted.

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