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Imaging and Histology

The Imaging / Histology Core supports the care and use of instrumentation for imaging of live and preserved organs, cells, tissues, as well as plates and arrays. This Core also provides computer software for the processing and quantification of image features.


The Imaging Core is supported by NEI Core Center Grant P30 EY014801. Please cite this grant number on all publications that make use of this core.

Leadership & Management

Valery Shestopalov, Ph.D.  directs the Imaging / Histology Module. Dr. Shestopalov is a Research Professor of Ophthalmology. Ms. Jennifer Arcuri, Research Associate, Imaging Core Manager, manages the Imaging / Histology Core on a daily basis as well as assisting researchers with their imaging and image analysis needs. Ms. Magda Celdran is the core’s histology technician and is available to assist and advise researchers and their staff regarding their histology needs.

Resources & Location

The core is comprised of three different facilities located on different floors of the McKnight Vision Research Center building:

Please click on the links above to go directly to information about each facility. Please click on the links below to view the availability calendar for the following equipment:

Note: To request Shared Equipment, please complete the Online Reservation Form


The Histology portion of this Core supports the preparation, embedding, sectioning, and storage of biological specimens for observation and analysis by light microscopy.

The Core provides fresh, frozen, and paraffin specimen processing. Equipment and services for routine staining are available, including H&E, PAS, and MT. The Core can also assist with specimen preparation and provide advice for specialized staining techniques such as immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.

Specimens can be examined at all stages of preparation by standard light microscopy and phase contrast microscopy.

The Histology Core stores tissue specimens and maintains a specimen database.


The Histology Core is located on the 4th floor of the McKnight building in room 409. The lab was carefully designed for efficient work flow. It contains a built-in Labconco fume hood (with blower, cabinet and work surface for staining apparatus), and 2 chemical sinks.

Equipment Located in the Histology Lab

  • ATP™ Tissue Processor (# ATP1-120, Triangle Biomedical Sciences, Inc.)
  • 2 Microtome Cryostats (International Equipment Company – Minotome)
  • Leica Jung knife sharpener
  • 2 micro optics Microtomy (Leitz #1512)
  • Spencer binocular microscope (AO #926963)
  • Lancer Vibratome 1000 and Vibratome 1000 Plus
  • Illuminated Tissue Flotation Bath (# 80086-990, VWR)
  • Paraffin Dispenser (# PD-120, Triangle Biomedical Sciences, Inc)

For more information, please contact:

Magda Celdran
Research Histology Technician
Phone: 305-326-6031
William L. McKnight Building , 4th floor

Jennifer Arcuri 
Research Associate, Imaging Core Manager
Phone: 305-482-4596
William L. McKnight Building, 7th floor