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Ethics & DIRECCT Values


  • Avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions, and communications.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to the employer by diligently following the lawful instructions of the employer, using reasonable care, and granted authority.
  • Avoid any personal business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the employer.
  • Avoid soliciting or accepting money, loans, credits or preferential discounts and the acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favors or services from present or potential suppliers that might influence, or appear to influence, supply management decisions.
  • Handle confidential or proprietary information with due care and proper consideration of ethical and legal ramifications and governmental regulations.
  • Promote positive supplier relationships through courtesy and impartiality.
  • Avoid improper reciprocal agreements.
  • Know and follow UM policies and procedures.
  • Encourage support for socially diverse practices.
  • Conduct supply management activities in accordance with UM policies and procedures.
  • Develop and maintain professional competence.
  • Enhance the stature of the purchasing profession.


  • Diversity: Valuing and including people from all cultures and backgrounds in the pursuit of our common goals.
  • Integrity: Demonstrating honesty and fairness in our words and actions.
  • Responsibility: Exhibiting pride and accountability in the performance of duties and ensuring the long-term success of our University.
  • Excellence: Striving to accomplish our goals with quality, rigor, passion, and distinction.
  • Compassion: Behaving in a caring, humane, and empathic way.
  • Creativity: Embracing innovation, flexibility, and originality in the pursuit of our vision and mission.
  • Teamwork: Engaging and working well together to achieve optimal results.