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Expert Care for Atrial Fibrillation


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Why Should I Choose UHealth for my AFib Treatment?

UHealth has a multidisciplinary team of experts who focus on advanced and novel treatments for atrial fibrillation. Our physicians and researchers are actively engaged in creating new methods and approaches, as well as in developing new technology to treat heart arrhythmias.

Having a wide array of experts gives you the best chance of controlling atrial fibrillation. We treat you as a whole person, not just as a medical condition.

The latest research shows that lifestyle changes together with other treatment (ablation, medications) can be the most effective way to manage atrial fibrillation. We know controlling your weight, diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure can decrease AFib. However, lifestyle changes are usually not sufficient to eliminate AFib. Since lifestyle changes such as weight loss are not easy, we have experts to help you navigate them — and make the changes stick. Our Atrial Fibrillation Risk Factor Modification Program is the only program of its kind in the area and has provided great benefit to our patients.

Our patients also have access to novel treatments available only at UHealth:

The LEAF (Liraglutide Effect in Atrial Fibrillation) study is evaluating the added benefit of liraglutide – a medication that promotes weight loss and shrinking of the fat tissue around the heart that promotes AFib – to prevent recurrent AFib in patients undergoing catheter ablation.

Our team has developed a novel mapping technology, called Electrogram Morphology Recurrence, to help identify sources of AFib that should be ablated. Studies are ongoing to evaluate this new technology.

Our UHealth AFib team is also focused on developing novel approaches for stroke prevention in AFib. We are using a specialized cardiac MRI technique called 4D flow MRI to look inside the heart and identify areas of poor blood flow that may lead to formation of blood clots and increase stroke risk.

We use the medical standards of tomorrow and make them available for our patients today.

Meet our AFib Specialists

The University of Miami Health System has the only comprehensive atrial fibrillation risk factor management programs in Florida.

Atrial fibrillation is a very treatable condition. Our heart rhythm specialists work as a team with you, to provide the safest, most effective treatment possible. We offer the world’s leading treatment options from a team of experts. Our approach involves whole-body health.

Your team of heart specialists includes some of the most respected physicians, researchers, and caregivers in the nation. The team is led by Jeffrey Goldberger, M.D., Litsa Lambrakos, M.D., Raul Mitrani, M.D., Robert Myerburg, M.D., Alex Velasquez, M.D., along with Nurse Coordinator Melissa Alzate. The team includes cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, engineers in tech development, hematologists, neurologists, nurse practitioners, radiologists, and researchers.

Meet Your Nurse Coordinator

Melissa Alzate Nurse Navigator

Melissa Alzate, BSN, RN CV-BC

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