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Nasal Congestion


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Nasal congestion has a variety of causes, and is usually attributed to either a structural, anatomic (how your body is shaped) blockage or swelling of the nasal tissue due to acute (occurring suddenly) or chronic (ongoing) inflammation. Nasal congestion may be described as a feeling of “wetness” in the nose, pressure in the nose, or nasal obstruction with inability to breathe well through the nose. Anatomic blockage or inflammation can narrow the nasal cavity and give a sensation of a “stuffed up” nose. When the nasal passage is obstructed (narrowed), you may snore in your sleep.

Some potential causes of nasal congestion include:


Physical Exam
Your ENT doctor will perform a complete examination of your nose, nasal passage, and sinuses to check for blockage.


Nasal Spray
Your ENT doctor may recommend that you regularly use a nasal spray to help clear out your nasal passage.

There are over-the-counter and prescription medications, such as decongestants, available to help give you relief from nasal congestion.

Homeopathic Remedies
At-home remedies, like using a humidifier or standing in a hot shower, may help open your nasal passage.

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Highly specialized rhinology doctors. The experts at University of Miami Health are here to help you breathe easier, smell better, and rest better with an accurate diagnosis and leading edge treatments in a compassionate setting. Our fellowship-trained providers specialize in the nasal airway, and our rhinology specialists have completed specialized training in nasal and sinus disorders. They have dedicated their clinical and research careers to caring for nasal and sinus disorders.

Our academic health center provides you with more treatment options. Our ENT specialists are experts in the field of rhinology. As part of an academic health center, we are proud to offer breakthrough treatments not available to other facilities in South Florida. We also offer our patients early access to clinical trials and new medical and procedural treatments. We provide comprehensive care for a wide array of rhinologic conditions, backed by expertise, research, and education.

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