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Sinus and Allergy


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When you’re suffering from a condition or neoplasm that affects your nose or sinuses, you need relief —and you need it quickly. As a sub-set of ear, nose, and throat (ENT), rhinologic conditions are those that affect the nasal passage, sinuses, and adjacent skull base and orbit (eye socket). Our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to patient care have earned us a reputation as a world-class research and medical center. Our rhinology team is focused on providing the best state-of-the-art, and evidenced-based medical and surgical treatment in the nation.

Why Choose UHealth?

Highly specialized rhinology doctors. The experts at University of Miami Health are here to help you breathe easier, smell better, and rest better with an accurate diagnosis and leading edge treatments, in a compassionate setting. Our fellowship-trained providers specialize in the nasal airway, and our rhinology specialists have completed specialized training in nasal and sinus disorders. They have dedicated their clinical and research careers to caring for nasal and sinus disorders.

Our academic health center provides you with more treatment options. Our ENT specialists are experts in the field of rhinology. As part of an academic health center, we are proud to offer breakthrough treatments not available to other facilities in South Florida. We also offer our patients early access to clinical trials and new medical and procedural treatments. We provide comprehensive care for a wide array of rhinologic conditions, backed by expertise, research, and education.

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