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Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board

Molecular Tumor Board and Precision Medicine Clinical Trials (Physicians)

The Molecular Tumor Board (MTB) is a core function of our Precision Medicine program at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The MTB meets regularly to discuss challenging cases, on the basis of the molecular profile of the patient’s tumor. The multidisciplinary panel is made up of experts in the fields of oncology, genetics, pathology, radiology, and molecular biology. Recommendations are returned to treating physicians for potential implementation into patients’ care plan. SCCC boasts an expansive clinical trial portfolio, including many molecularly driven basket trials. This portfolio of clinical trials provides a variety of options for patients with mutations identified through Next-Generation Sequencing.

Precision Oncology Studies and Clinical Trials

The Precision Medicine Initiative tracks all available trials at Sylvester that have molecular-related criteria for enrollment. Our team specifically oversees both treatment based clinical trials and observational registry trials which are listed below.

NCI-MATCH – The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice.

ASCO TAPUR Trial – The American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry or TAPUR.

GRAIL – The GRAIL study is one of the largest clinical observation programs ever developed. It plans to enroll thousands of at risk and newly diagnosed individuals to analyze their genetic profiles for patterns that may eventually predict cancer. Their ultimate goal is to improve prevention and early diagnosis of common and rare tumors.

DePICT – The Defining Platforms for Individualized Cancer Treatment (DePICT) study supports SCCC Broward patients in gaining access to NGS testing and interpretation of the results.

To refer a patient for review by the Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board or consideration for one of SCCC’s molecular based basket trials, please email

Please note if you are a community physician seeking Molecular Tumor Board recommendations or Basket trial review all patient data must be completely de-identified.