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Farooq Lab

Molecular Biophysics

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Investigator / Contact Person Amjad Farooq


 My laboratory applies a wide variety of in vitro (eg microcalorimetry, light scattering and optical spectroscopy) in combination with in silico (eg molecular modeling, molecular dynamics and virtual screening) biophysical methods to study the basic mechanisms driving protein-ligand interactions in the context of cellular processes pertinent to human health and disease.

A key emphasis of my laboratory is to exploit fundamental principles emerging from our basic research toward the rational design of novel therapeutic approaches harboring greater efficacy coupled with low toxicity for the treatment of human disease.

Importantly, in the wake of ever rising costs coupled with lengthy clinical trials associated with de novo drug design, we have recently also begun to devote a substantial part of our efforts toward repurposing old or existing drugs for new indications for which no other therapeutic alternatives are available on the basis of structure-based rational approach.