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Penedo Lab

Behavioral Medicine Mechanisms and Patient Reported Outcomes Research

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Investigator / Contact Person Frank Penedo


Dr. Penedo's research program is supported by several NIH funded studies that address the underlying psychosocial, sociocultural and biobehavioral mechanisms of chronic diseases processes and health outcomes. The Penedo Lab advances knowledge in four broad themes of inquiry: Behavioral and Psychosocial Processes in Health Outcomes, Sociocultural Determinants of Health, Biobehavioral Mechanisms & Chronic Disease Management Interventions. The platform for this work involves prospective observational studies in cancer survivorship and other chronic conditions that address multiple pathways (social, biological, psychosocial) in health outcomes; community-based approaches; biopsychoscial and sociocultural mechanisms in the context of primary and secondary prevention of CVD, and cancer survivorship; technology based intervention studies in cancer survivorship and precision oncology care. Most studies involve a biobehavioral component with emphasis on endocrine regulation, inflammatory & angiogenic pathways, immunocompetence, and gene x environment interactions. More recent intervention work focuses on health systems, e/mHealth platforms, precision oncology and phase 1 trials, and value based cancer care delivery. The lab emphasizes several methods including ecosocial and biobehavioral approaches; CBT and stress management interventions; technology implementation; translational and team science; and advanced statistical methods.