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Pillai Lab

Innate Immune Regulation, Transplantation Tolerance, and Immunotherapy


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Assistant Scientist

The appointee will function as a laboratory supervisor in a transplant immunology laboratory with both mouse and human cellular work, responsible for administrative functions and experimental contributions as dictated by the needs of both extramurally and intramurally funded research. The goal of this position will be to perform some scientific experimental work without responsibilities for presentation or public teaching, or grant-writing, but primary responsibility for one-on-one technical and safety training of lab personnel, monitoring of lab members and lab maintenance tasks, ordering supplies and materials (including rodent work purchases) for the laboratory, general laboratory upkeep, inventories, routine experimental support to other scientists in the program. In addition, specific responsibility or co-responsibility for the mouse facility management (IACUC submissions, maintaining standard written protocols for the laboratory, animal husbandry and census, breeding, genotyping) and specific mouse and human cellular immunology experiments will be the responsibility of this individual. Mouse facility and immunology work may be arranged by discussion with the PI to be co-supported by other scientists with the appropriate abilities in the laboratory program.

Expected Knowledge/Skills:

  • At least 3 years experience following IACUC/AAALAC humane standards in handling, breeding, euthanizing, and harvesting tissues from experimental mice is essential. 
  • At least 5 years sterile cell culture and cryopreservation experience for both cell lines and freshly isolated cells of both rodents and humans. 
  • Attention to detail is required. 
  • Excellent and habitual documentation skills are required. 
  • Ability and willingness to train new lab members one-on-one in specific scientific tasks is a requirement. 
  • Ability to generate and maintain records and protocols of procedures and to systematically troubleshoot deviations from standard outcomes using those procedures by laboratory members. 
  • Experience managing records, ordering, daily lab maintenance and supervision, EHS and Radiation Safety standard management for a 3+ member laboratory is required. 
  • Strong spoken and written English is a requirement. 
  • Team approach, enthusiasm for the work, and interest in careful quality assurance of all work is a requirement. 
  • Strong experience using Prism GraphPad, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and ability to generate publication-quality figures using Adobe software is required. 
  • At least 1 year experience in mouse immunology work, ideally in bone marrow transplantation or inflammatory colitis models is a desirable skill. 
  • Experience with use of orthovoltage and isotope source irradiation of mice for transplantation and associated safety procedures is a desirable skill. 
  • Experience with flow cytometry (including cell analysis and sorting for adoptive transfer experiments in mice) is a highly desirable quality. 

Education Requirements

  • Ph.D., M.D., D.V.M., or other doctoral level degree. 

Work Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum (3) years of relevant post-doctoral experience of relevant post-doctoral experience 
  • At least one (1) year relevant work-relevant experience in an immunology lab setting, with evidence of tangible contributions to the dissemination of new research information. 
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For further information, contact:

Horacio Novaira, PhD
Assistant Scientist, Laboratory Supervisor 
Lab: 305-243-1108