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Translational Science Grant Program

The deadline for the current funding period has past.

Goals and Purpose

The Sylvester Translational Science grant program provides funding to translate findings in cancer research. The goal of this grant program is to fund highly innovative research that will stimulate interaction between clinicians and scientists. This award will fund collaborations between a clinician and a basic or population scientist. The Principal Investigators funded by this intramural grant will seek to translate research projects from the lab/population based study into the clinic or from the clinic into a lab/population based study. Projects do not have to be therapeutic and can study any type of cancer. Projects will be evaluated based on their relevance to the catchment area and feasibility. Novel approaches to cancer research are strongly encouraged. PIs with research projects that are pre-clinical and ready to be translated into an Investigator Initiated Trial and correlative studies working with basic scientists/population based studies are highly encouraged to apply.

Award Description and Eligibility

Each award is up to $50,000 (1 Clinical AND 1 Basic/ 1 Population). The award will be focused on innovative multi-disciplinary translational projects that are likely to have a high impact. The contact PI must be a Cancer Center Member, the other investigators can have “Other” UM affiliations.

*For assistance with application, guidelines, or information please contact:

Alma Ramirez, MBA
Manager, Sylvester Intramurals
Phone: 305-243-4108