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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluation and Intervention


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Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) offers strategies and assistance for people with severe communication problems that affect the way they talk, use language, read, and write. AAC can include everything from simple picture boards to high-tech speech-generating devices. Some people use AAC their entire lives, while others use them temporarily, such as after a stroke. Children who have poor muscle control for speech use AAC to reduce stress and frustration in communication. Children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and have trouble communicating use AAC to express their needs and desires

The audiology and speech-language therapy team at University of Miami Health System provides a complete evaluation and develops a customized treatment plan for your child or teenager. Every child’s needs are different, so your child gets personalized attention to come up with approaches that fit their needs and lifestyle.

Who is a Candidate?

People who use AAC fall into two categories: those with conditions that are present at birth (congenital) and those who develop a condition due to an accident, injury, or illness (acquired). Congenital conditions that may require use of AAC include:

Acquired conditions that may require use of AAC include:

What to Expect

There are two broad categories of AAC:

  • Aided AAC: Uses a device or object. It can be a high-tech device — such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer — or a low-tech aid — such as objects, photographs, writing, communication boards, or books. 
  • Unaided AAC: Uses body language, facial expressions, gestures, sign language, or vocalized sounds.

Our audiology and speech-language therapy team work with your child to determine what’s right for them. We involve the entire family and allow you and your child to explore different communication aids to determine what works best for you. We provide education, training, and access to tools that help your child communicate in a variety of situations and environments. Together, we discover ACC strategies that allow your child to communicate successfully and confidently.

Why Choose UHealth?

World-class health care for children. Children and their families come from all over the world to receive top-quality care from our compassionate team of pediatric specialists. Your child will receive personalized attention from doctors who are sought out for their expertise.

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