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Therapy for Motor Disorders of Speech Production


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Motor disorders of speech production are problems caused by damage to areas of the brain that allow speech. Children with motor disorders of speech production often need to learn special techniques to communicate and express themselves.

University of Miami Health System pediatric speech-language pathologists work with children to help them learn new ways of communicating. We work closely with children and their families to develop customized approaches to improve communication.

Who is a Candidate?

Children and teens with motor speech disorders can benefit from speech-language therapy. We provide personalized therapy for children with neurological conditions that affect their ability to talk, including:

  • Apraxia
  • Developmental verbal dyspraxia 
  • Dysarthria

What to Expect

We assess your child’s communication strengths and challenges, and we develop a customized treatment plan based on your child’s needs and goals. Your child will work with one of our specially trained pediatric therapists to learn new techniques and skills that can help them communicate more effectively and with greater confidence.

Why Choose UHealth?

Excellence in treating children’s hearing conditions. We’ve been recognized by Children’s Medical Services (CMS), a division within the Florida Department of Health, for excellence in newborn hearing screening and early identification of hearing loss in infants.

World-class health care for children. Children and their families come from all over the world to receive top-quality care from our compassionate team of pediatric specialists. Your child will receive personalized attention from doctors who are sought out for their expertise.

HealthySteps program helps children meet milestones. All our general pediatrics offices use the HealthySteps program to ensure that children are developing appropriately for their age — physically, emotionally, and psychologically. When there are issues or concerns, we work closely with patients and their families to connect them with support resources. We’re the only academic health center in South Florida with developmental and behavioral pediatric specialists on staff.

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