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Learning Disorders


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A learning disorder affects much more than your child’s grades at school. It affects their confidence, their behavior, and the way they interact with others.

Learning disorders are caused by problems with the neurological system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) that make learning more difficult. Learning disorders can also interfere with higher level skills, including organization, time planning, abstract reasoning, long- or short-term memory, and attention span.

Some of the most common types of learning disorders include:

  • Dyslexia, which causes problems interpreting words, letters, or other symbols
  • Math disorders
  • Writing difficulties

The pediatric developmental-behavioral specialists at University of Miami Health System offer expert assessment and treatment for learning disorders. Our specialized team works with you and your child to develop a customized plan to improve your child’s learning ability. We help them gain skills to help them succeed.


Physical Exam
Your child’s doctor conducts a complete physical exam to diagnose a learning disorder, including gathering your child’s full health history. Learning about their health history and development allows your child’s care team to determine if your child has a learning disorder and the best way to treat it.

Vision, Hearing, and Neurological (Brain) Tests
These tests can help your child’s doctor determine if there’s another issue that’s causing the learning problem. The doctor may do one or more of these tests to learn more about your child’s health.

Academic Tests
Your child may take a set of reading or other academic tests to gauge their educational aptitude and determine if they have a learning disorder.


Educational Techniques
Your child learns techniques to improve their learning ability. Our pediatric learning disorders specialists provide personalized attention to help your child gain strategies to overcome learning challenges.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)
In the United States, schools are legally obligated to help children who’ve been professionally diagnosed with a learning disorder. You will work closely with our therapists and your child’s teacher to develop a personalized plan for your child, known as an IEP.

Why Choose UHealth?

World-class health care for children. Children and their families come from all over the world to receive top-quality care from our compassionate team of pediatric specialists. Your child receives personalized attention from doctors who are sought out for their expertise.

Research leads to better treatments for your child. In addition to seeing patients, our doctors are involved in leading-edge research at one of the nation’s top medical schools, Miller School of Medicine. Through this research, we have access to innovative treatments and procedures more quickly than other facilities. Our team uses the latest technologies and research findings to provide your child with superior, personalized care.

HealthySteps program helps children meet milestones. All our general pediatrics offices use the HealthySteps program to ensure that children are developing appropriately for their age — physically, emotionally, and psychologically. When there are issues or concerns, we work closely with patients and their families to connect them with support resources.

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