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Interpersonal Psychotherapy


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Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) focuses on relationship roles and improving communication to better relate to people in your life. It’s a time-limited therapy, meaning there are defined goals and a timeframe to achieve them.

IPT explores how unresolved grief, differing role expectations, major life changes or transitions, and problems forming good relationships with others can affect the way you see yourself and interact with others. Therapy involves:

  • Identifying relationship problems
  • Learning how to express emotions in healthy ways
  • Learning skills for improving and developing relationships

Interpersonal psychotherapy is conducted individually or in a group setting. It’s sometimes combined with medications and/or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which works to change the way you think, feel, or react to situations.

Who is a Candidate?

Children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with mental health disorders can benefit from interpersonal psychotherapy. It was first designed to treat depression, but it can also help people with medical illness, such as HIV/AIDS and cancer, cope emotionally and socially with disease. IPT treats:

What to Expect

Interpersonal therapy has a defined beginning, middle, and end. The beginning, or opening phase, uses interviews and assessments to identify what’s happening, resolve current symptoms, and plan treatment.

The middle phase involves specific techniques to address issues, like role playing, to help improve your interpersonal skills and interactions with others. The end, or termination phase, helps you apply what you learned and transition to your new role.

Interpersonal therapy takes about 12 to 16 weekly sessions to complete.

Why Choose UHealth?

Non-judgmental treatment from an academic research center. Our psychiatrists and IPT teams are experts, deeply committed to helping you build relationships. We study mental health disorders and co-existing conditions, and teach tomorrow’s leaders in psychiatry. Here, you get the best care possible, from people who truly care.

Proven therapies for people of all ages. We are actively involved in clinical trials and follow evidence-based practices in IPT for all ages, from children to older adults. You can trust that you’ll receive the most up-to-date approaches to care.

Customized treatments based on your needs. Our team listens to you and uses the best methods to help you find peace in relationships, in a variety of locations close to where you live.

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