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  • Medicine therapy

    Oral corticosteroid medicines can reduce inflammation, and antibiotics can treat lung infections that cause or complicate COPD. Inhaled medicines can relieve coughing, improve breathing, and reduce inflammation. These include long- and short-acting bronchodilators, corticosteroids, and combination medicines.

  • Oxygen therapy

    If blood oxygen levels are too low, your doctor may prescribe inhaled oxygen as needed, such as before exercise or long-term for most of the day. There are different devices available. Many are portable, meaning they’re easy to move or take with you on the go.

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

    Pulmonary rehabilitation programs involve support, education, exercise, and nutrition counseling and training to help you live better with COPD. Our programs are personalized to your needs, and focus on keeping you active and enjoying life.

  • Surgery

    Surgery for COPD may improve airflow in the lungs. Procedures include open and minimally invasive techniques to remove damaged lung tissue (called lung volume reduction surgery, or LVRS) or air spaces (bullae) that form in the lungs (called a bullectomy).

  • Transplant

    If your condition is severe and doesn’t respond well to other treatments, a lung transplant may be an option.