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Medical Professionals

With more than 250 physicians and scientists dedicated to cancer care and research, Sylvester is leading the search for a cancer cure. Every day, our physicians within the cancer center’s 15 site disease groups and scientists from seven multidisciplinary research programs, are discovering exciting new breakthroughs that are quickly transforming the way cancer patients are diagnosed and treated. Through clinical trials, Sylvester is translating research breakthroughs into more effective treatments.

Our priority is to better serve patients with complex medical needs. Sylvester physicians apply a targeted, “site-based” approach to treating cancer. This means that dedicated, board-certified doctors with expertise researching and treating specific cancer sites oversee patient care. With this unique approach, patients receive care from doctors who are not only cancer specialists, but specialists in a particular type of cancer.

Each site disease group includes medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, and other essential health care professionals such as social workers, pharmacists, and allied staff. In addition, each group has a nurse coordinator or patient care coordinator to serve as a liaison between doctors, patients, and families. A data manager and research nurse help screen patients for clinical trials. Site disease groups help translate research breakthroughs into more effective treatment.