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Important information:
Travelers to the US should visit the CDC website for latest travel advisories.

Before You Travel

Please follow these simple steps before you leave home to ensure your visit to UHealth goes as smoothly as possible. Our friendly team will then guide you through each of the steps mentioned below.

  • Complete the patient appointment form. The form can be faxed or sent to you by our team. You can also access it online here. The more information you are able to provide on the form, the quicker we can match your needs with a medical provider.

  • Send current medical records. If you are unsure about which medical records to send, we will be happy to assist you.

  • Obtain preliminary medical clearance. Once we receive your medical history and/or records we will review them so we can identify the most appropriate specialist for your condition.

  • Establish financial responsibility. If you are covered under an insurance health plan and will be utilizing this as financial coverage, let them know.  Most carriers require clients to provide notification and intent to seek medical services outside of your originating country.  They may require 1-5 business days. We will gladly assist with the authorization process, provided it can be processed during standard business hours. 

  • Schedule an appointment. Your coordinator will help you make an appointment at your convenience with the most appropriate specialist. You may receive a written letter with the appointment date and time, and specific information on your scheduled medical event. At this time, you will be asked to complete and sign additional forms needed to conclude the registration process.

  • Airlifts. UHealth International has an “on call” representative 7 days, 24 hours a day for Airlift emergencies. When you call 305-607-8614, the on call coordinator will assist you through the process. 

UHealth International works closely with all air ambulances in the region. We can either recommend a carrier or work with the arranged air ambulance carrier scheduled to bring in the patient. When you call in an emergency, the coordinator will ask a series of questions to quickly determine the patient’s immediate medical needs. You will be asked for a medical brief, if the patient has special needs, such as a wheelchair, or ventilator; the approximate weight of the patient; co-morbidities (such as diabetes or heart disease). Financial responsibility will also need to be determined. Sometimes even if the patient has insurance, it is difficult to verify coverage during off hours, so you may be asked to provide a deposit in the interim. It may be necessary to provide a credit card or a letter of guarantee.

All other inquiries and requests will be handled during standard business hours. At other times, a service operator may be available to address needs. Please contact us with any questions or concerns at 305-243- 9100, email