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Physician works in the COVID lab

Responding to COVID-19

In 2020, the rapid emergence of COVID-19 tested major cancer centers across the U.S. in our ability to quickly change course, collect and share data, remain highly responsive to vulnerable patients’ needs, and rally to advance cancer research despite a raging pandemic. Sylvester not only passed those tests, but also led the nation with innovative approaches to the unique challenges brought on by a novel and dangerous virus.

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Message from the Director

As we complete our first full year with NCI-designation, I am moved by the resoluteness and resiliency of our faculty, staff, donors and patients. Your teamwork, dedication and extraordinary efforts in pursuit of designation laid the foundation for Sylvester to maintain our unwavering commitment to solve cancer’s fundamental problems and respond to the pandemic. I remain grateful for your continued commitment to uphold the NCI’s rigorous standards.

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